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2017-18 Alfred State Honor Roll

The following student-athletes earned postseason honors

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NCWA All-American

Ian Van Valen: Wrestling - 1st team (National Champion)

Ryan Mattison - Wrestling - 5th team

All-Conference (ACAA or AMCC)

Rayanna Anderson Basketball - Honorable mention
Chris Balys Soccer - 2nd team
Nick Beach Swimming - 1st team & Diver of the year
Catherine Bialecki Basketball - 1st team
Jocelyn Brittingham Soccer - 1st team & Defensive Player of the Year
Chloe Cox Soccer - 1st team
Nathan Crowley Lacrosse - 1st team
Allison Danielak Soccer - 1st team & Goalkeeper of the Year
Ethan Dale Swimming - 1st team
Austin Demberg Cross Country - 2nd team
Zoe Derr Softball - 1st team
Morgan Franklin Softball - 1st team
Lizzy Drake Swimming- 2nd team
Katerine Frascella Cross Country - 1st team
Janae Gibson Basketball - Honorable mention
Bryanna Godfrey Volleyball - 1st team - Co-Player of the Year
Jacob Hanss Cross Country - 1st team
Brandon Holley Soccer - 2nd team
Eric Hulbert Cross Country - 1st team
Ryan Johnson Soccer - 2nd team
Olivia Leonti Cross Country - 1st team
Kaileigh Lehman Swimming - 2nd team
Kathryn Lewis 2nd team
Ryan Lohr Cross Country - 2nd team
Cassidy McCourt Cross Country - 1st team
Austin Miller Swimming - 2nd team
Melissa Mineti Soccer - 1st team
Dannielle O'Buckley Soccer - 1st team
Alexshay Pearce Basketball - 1st team
Kiara Perkins Volleyball - 2nd team
Ashley Peterson Softball - 2nd team
Shawn Rutledge Cross Country - 1st team
Michayla Salatel Soccer - 1st team & Co-Player of the Year
Sarah Stevens  Swimming - 1st team & Diver of the year
Lindsey Thiel Cross Country - 1st team
Juwan Toliver Basketball - 1st team & Player of the year
Jake Vattimo Soccer - Honorable Mention
Madison Webster Volleyball - 2nd team
Kory Zimmer Soccer - Honorable Mention


John Lauretti 1st team
Devon Clark 2nd team
Kiegan Brown Rookie of the Year

All-ACAA Academic Teams

Caleb Boyce-Wright Men's Cross Country
Chloe Cox Women's Soccer
Allison Danielak Women's Soccer
Tyler Elliott Men's Basketball
Dillon Fairhead Men's Soccer
Jacob Hanss Men's Cross Country
Patrick Lehman Wrestling
Jordan Leonard Softball
Melissa Minetti Women's Soccer
Dannielle O'Buckley Women's Soccer
Jamie Parente Softball 
Cassandra Ryan Women's Cross Country
Michayla Salatel Women's Soccer
Lindsey Thiel Women's Cross Country
Ryan Thierman Wrestling
Samantha Tumolo Volleyball
Jake Vattimo Men's Soccer
Adam Wilkins Men's Soccer

Coach of the Year: 

Anne Holmok - ACAA

Jonathan Hoover - AMCC

Jerry Jusianiec - ACAA

Steve Paternostro - ACAA