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Q&A with Megan: Featuring Krista Lovell

Q&A with Megan featuring softball player Krista Lovell - Lovell is pictured at the plate.

Alfred State sport management major Megan Gridley recently interviewed softball player Krista Lovell. Lovell is in her second year at Alfred State and is currently working in the Health & Wellness office as an intern. She has put together an event "Managing Anxiety" that will look at ways to reduce stress and anxiety for students.

What are some of the challenges you have faced being a student-athlete?

Time Management was one challenge that was reoccurring for me. Another challenge I have faced and continue to face is stress.

Are there ways you have developed to cope with these challenges?

  • Having a set schedule outside of my classes has helped tremendously. I make sure I have specific time blocked out for assignments and studying, as well as time blocked out for conditioning/practice.
  • Stress was a little harder to cope with because there are so many different elements that trigger stress in your life. The first thing that I used to cope with the stress was working out and lifting, there isn't really anything else that compares when coping with stress for me.

Explain some of your goals with the program you are putting together?

  • One goal I have with these programs is engaging students more in the health and wellness aspect of your college career.
  • Another goal I have is to help students realize how important their mental health is.

Why should people come to your event?

  • They are events I would have liked to have seen at my old campus and getting more students involved in the importance of mental health. These events are great ways to meet new people and learn about how relevant mental health is to students and student-athletes.
  • This week's program "Managing Anxiety" is a great example of learning and showing how common and relevant anxiety and stress are on a college campus. These programs also allow the students to interact with counselors from the health and wellness office.

What is your pre-game routine, if you have one?

  • Always making sure I have my lucky softball bracelet on. Putting my headphones in and listening to Logic songs on repeat.

Quick Hits: 

Favorite position in softball? First Base

Favorite meal? I could live off of venison and broccoli

Fast food or homemade? Homemade hands down