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Alfred State Club Archery

Alfred State Club Archery

2018-19 Roster

2018-19 Schedule

Archery team has strong showing at USA Archery Indoor Nationals

The Alfred State Archery Team is a competitive team competing within  the USA Archery Collegiate Archery Program.  The team is active year-round with three different seasons: 3D archery in the fall (varying distances, wooded courses), indoor target in the winter (18m, indoor range), and outdoor target in the spring  (50m for compound shooters, athletic field).

While ALL students can join the Archers of Alfred student club and have the opportunity to compete for an active role on the team, a smaller number of students will be selected by the coach to represent the Alfred State Archery club sport team.  Team selection is based on variables including observed and average scores / performance for the particular season (e.g. indoor) and the archer’s demonstrated commitment to the team (e.g. dedication, participation, team-attitude, responsibility).

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Contact Greg Sammons at

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In 2017-18, the team achieved the following:

· Men’s Compound Hunter Team finishes 2nd at USA Archery Eastern Regional Outdoor Target Championships. (Williamsport, PA).

· Men’s Compound Team finishes 4th at USA Archery Collegiate 3D National Championships. 

· Senior Trystan Duell finishes 2nd place individually.  (Foley, AL)

In 2018-19, the team has its sights set on pursuing the following (final schedule TBD)

· USA Archery Collegiate 3D National Championships (October 2018)

· USA Archery Collegiate Indoor Regionals

· USA Archery  Collegiate Indoor Nationals

· USA Archery Collegiate Eastern Outdoor Regionals

· USA Archery Collegiate Nationals

· WinterCam Classic (regional indoor 3D)

· Lancaster Classic (major indoor)

Fast Facts:

· Archers must join USA Archery ($40) as collegiate members and have eligibility approved by USA Archery.  Criteria includes being a full-time student (12+ credit hours) and having over a 2.0 GPA (first semester students exempted from GPA requirement).

· In 2017-18, the Team had 8 members; all members competed with compound tackle.  The team had a mix of “open” shooters and hunter class shooters.  Open/compound uses long stabilizers, moveable sights, and can use magnification. Hunter class shooters use fixed pins, stabilizers 12” or less, and no lenses.

· The team formally practices (together) once per week with a coach.

· There are two certified Level 3-NTS Coaches on staff. Coaches assist archers individually as needed and as available.

· Most travel is subsidized, but archers do pay some out-of-pocket costs to support some of their travel costs or personal uniforms.

· The Team is NON-scholarship (NCAA D3 schools are non-scholarship)

Head Coach: Greg Sammons – USA Archery Certified Level 2 Instructor

Asst. Coach: Travis Smith – USA Archery Certified Level 2 Instructor