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Conor Compton: The All-American Season

Conor Compton: The All-American Season


Conor Compton just concluded the most historic season in Alfred State College Swimming and Diving program history. With his 7th place finish in Greensboro, NC at the NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships, Conor Compton earned All-American honors in just his first-year of intercollegiate competition. The historic season didn't just take place in one weekend, Compton was dominant week in and week out. The best way to understand the historic season is to see the numbers and performances all at once.

Conor Compton's All-American Season:

Penn.- St. Behrend (Oct. 29)

Conor Compton broke his own record and the ASC record in the 1m dive with a score of 282.85. The score is good enough for his first NCAA qualifying score, he needs one more to officially qualify. 

Penn.- St. Altoona (Nov. 5)

Conor Compton, for the second week in a row set the Alfred State records for the 1 and 3-meter dives. This week breaking his own record in both events, also notches him his second NCAA qualifying score and has officially qualified for the NCAA regionals. His 1M dive score was 319.05 beating the record he set last week. Compton's 3M dive score was 354.75, also beating last week's record.

Oberlin Invitational (Nov. 17)

In the Men's Diving portion, Conor Compton dominated again. On his 11 dives from 3 meters, he scored a 493.75. Compton scored more than 90 points higher than the second-place diver, proving his excellence again. Compton has been a key contributor in team points in every meet for the men's team so far, and it doesn't look like it will be slowing down anytime soon.

Geneseo (Dec. 9)

Conor Compton came in third place in the 1m dive. Compton racked up a score of 300.83. Compton finished one spot higher on the 3m board. His total score of 311.40 was 24 less than the first place Geneseo diver.

Nazareth (Jan 14)

 Conor Compton won both the 1m (286.80) and the 3m diving competitions (336.0). 

Hartwick (Jan. 21)

Conor Compton was dominant again, with a win in the 1m and 3m diving events. Compton scored 268.15 in the 1m and 305.20 in the 3m dives.

Fredonia and Brockport (Jan. 28)

 Conor Compton continued his impressive season with another 1m and 3m dive pair of wins. In the 1m, Compton posted a 312.75, beating the second-best diver by more than 30 points. In the 3m, he put up a 319.70, winning by more than 40 points.

AMCC & E8 Championships (Feb. 15, 16, 17, 18)

Conor Compton continued his historic season for the Pioneers with a score of 504.95. Compton has now broken his own dive records 3 times in the same season. His victory in the 3m dive was by more than 75 points.

Conor Compton took part in the 1M Dives and won by 30 points over second place. Compton's score of 488.95 made him undefeated at the meet and earned him the all-conference honors.

AMCC Honors (Feb. 23)

Freshman Conor Compton earned Diver and Newcomer of the Year honors. Compton was the top diver in the men's 1m, receiving a high score of 488.95. In the men's 3m diving, Compton earned a first place medal with a score of 504.95.

Regionals (Feb. 24, 25)

After the first dives at the NCAA regionals Conor Compton finds himself in sixth place. His score of after all the dives is 480.25. The 1M has been a strength of Compton's as he will look to climb the leaderboard with the 3M dives tomorrow.

Compton finds himself only .30 points out of fifth place and only 20 out of the top three. Compton's average round score of 43.66 is only .03 behind fifth place and his average event score of 6.88 is tied with the fifth place diver.

After finishing in 6th place in yesterday's 1m dives by .30 points, Conor Compton finished in second place on today's 3m dives, high enough to qualify for nationals in day two. His 3m score of 521.45 locked up a spot in Greensboro, NC and guaranteed Compton a place in the NCAA National Championships. Compton's score was 6 points ahead of the third place diver, and 30 points behind the first place finisher. Both divers were from Carnegie Mellon University.

Compton is the first diver from Alfred State College to qualify for the NCAA National Championship.

NCAA National Championship (Mar. 16, 17, 18)

In the second day of the NCAA Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving Championships, Conor Compton competed in the Men's 1M dive event. 

Compton finished in 16th place in the preliminaries earlier in the day, locking his spot as a 2nd team All-American diver in just his first-year in collegiate competition. Compton's score of 426.75 was just enough to get him into the consolation finals. 

In the Consolation Final, Compton achieved a score of 435.15. His score was good enough for 4th place in the final and 12th place overall. Compton was less than 2 points behind the third place score of 437. 

Conor Compton is scheduled to dive again in the 3M event on Saturday in Greensboro, NC.

Conor Compton is the first Swim and Dive All-American in Alfred State College history. In the 3M dive Conor Compton finished 8th in the noon prelims and qualified for the men's final. 

Along with qualifying for the 3M final, Compton's performance in the prelims earned him the All-American honors.

Compton's score of 467.25 in the prelims made him the only first-year All-American men's diver in the country. 

In the 6 p.m. men's final, he finished in 7th place with a score of 453.60.