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Recruiting Questions

Welcome to our perspective student athlete “RECRUIT QUESTION” page.  By providing information about some of the most common questions prospective student-athletes and their parents ask us about admission, scholarships, recruiting and tryouts, we hope to prepare you to choose Alfred State and be a part of our athletic programs!  

Did you know the NCAA does not allow members of Division III to award any type of scholarship or financial aid based on athletic ability?

Did you know that there are 446 total member institutions in Division III? That means Division III is the NCAA’s largest division with approximately 40% of the total membership. 

What Does Division III Athletics Have To Offer?

  • Division III athletics provides a well-rounded collegiate experience that involves a balance of rigorous academics, competitive athletics, and the opportunity to pursue the multitude of other co-curricular opportunities offered on DIII campuses
  • Division III features student-athletes who are subject to the same admissions standards, academic standards, and support services as the general student body. The integration of athletics with the larger institution enables student-athletes to experience all aspects of campus life

Did you know that at Division III, an Alfred State coach can begin recruiting you at anytime?  

Unlike at Division I or Division II there is no recruiting calendar and no limit on the number and timing of contacts a Alfred State coach has with you via phone, email or text. There is, however, a restriction on a coach’s ability to make contact with you at a practice, game or tournament. Although there is no restriction on the number or timing of the observation of a recruit at practice, competition, or at tournaments, coaches are not permitted to make contact with your (or your parents/guardians) off campus until the conclusion of your junior year in high school.

Did you know that while you’re visiting Alfred State, the coach cannot observe you participating in recreational activities (open gym, playing with Alfred State athletes, etc.) or it is considered a “tryout”?

Tryouts are prohibited and it is impermissible for an athletics department coaching staff member to observe or conduct physical workouts or other recreational activities designed to test your athletics ability (bylaw  

Did you know that if you are currently at a NCAA Division I or Division II institution, or a NAIA institution, you or your current school must provide a “Permission to Contact” letter before a Alfred State coach can talk with you about the possibility of transferring to Alfred State? 

This letter must be provided by your current institution and sent to the Alfred State Athletic Department, Attention: Compliance. If you are currently at a NCAA Division III institution, you may issue your own release (Self Release Form) to allow Alfred State coaches to make contact about a potential transfer.  Once received by the compliance office, you will have a 30-day privacy period where no one can tell your current coach that you are considering a transfer. 

If you have any more questions on compliance and eligibility utilize the website or by contact the Alfred State Compliance Office:

Jennifer Enke
Assistant Director of Athletics
Alfred State College

Orvis Activity Center