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Representative of Athletic Interest

Alfred State is a NCAA Division III institution. This requires that Alfred State be responsible for the control, conduct and compliance with all the rules and regulations of Division III. Your involvement with our programs is critical to our success; therefore it is essential for everyone associated with the College to be properly educated on NCAA rules and regulations. The College is proud to have your interest and support in our athletic programs. Additionally, we appreciate your assistance in ensuring that the eligibility of our student-athletes is not jeopardized by inadvertent rules violations.

You, as an Alfred State alumni/ae, friend and/or representative of athletics interest, share the responsibility of rules compliance equally with our coaches, staff members, and student-athletes. Keep in mind this site does not address every rules scenario, therefore, should you have any additional concerns or questions related to the program please feel free to contact the Alfred State Athletic Administration.

The Alfred State Athletic Department and the Compliance Office thank you for your support of our programs and our goal to fulfill the academic and athletic needs of more than 350 student-athletes. Having you on our team ensures a combination that will produce champions on and off the field.

Please review the following information:

Am I a representative of athletic interests?
According to NCAA regulations, a representative of Alfred State athletic interests (or booster) is any person who:

  • Is a current or former member of Alfred State.
  • Has made financial contributions to the athletics department or has been involved, in any way, in the promotion of Alfred State athletics;
  • Has ever assisted (or been requested by the athletics department staff to assist) in the recruitment of a prospective student-athlete;
  • Is assisting or has ever assisted in providing benefits to enrolled student-athletes or their families.

Once you have been identified as a REPRESENTATIVE OF ATHLETICS INTEREST, you retain that title forever.

Remember the recruitment of prospective student-athletes is the sole responsibility of the coaching staffs of Alfred State. We encourage you to communicate with the appropriate coach before initiating any activities with prospects which may be considered recruiting.

As a representative of Alfred State athletics interests you MAY:

  • Provide an occasional meal for our Division III student-athletes or teams at ANY location, including at a restaurant. This meal may occur in the locale of the institution OR outside the Alfred area as long as it is in conjunction with, or en route to or from, an away-from-home contest.
  • Contribute funds to finance a scholarship to the Colleges, but the decision as to how such funds are to be allocated and who receives the scholarship shall rest exclusively with the institution. Athletic ability cannot be a factor in awarding the scholarship, and the recipient must be chosen from the entire student body by a selection committee comprised of members outside the Athletic Departments.
  • Notify a current Alfred State student-athlete of possible employment, provided the student-athlete obtains the position through normal employment procedures and is paid at the going rate for actual services rendered.

As a representative of Alfred State athletics interests you MAY NOT:

  • Provide any type of inducement or benefit to a current student-athlete, his/her parents, relatives and/or friends. Please review the list of “Extra Benefits.”
  • Use the name, picture or appearance of a current student-athlete to directly advertise, recommend or promote the sales of any commercial product.
  • Provide a student-athlete with compensation for work that has not been performed or at a rate higher than the going rate in your locale for similar services.
  • Provide an award or gift to a student-athlete for any reason.

An extra benefit is considered to be any special arrangement to provide a prospect or enrolled student-athlete, his or her family/relatives or friends a benefit that is not expressly authorized by NCAA regulations.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Cash or loan of money in any amount.
  • Special discount, payment or co-signing of a loan.
  • Involvement in arrangement for free or reduced charges for merchandise, tickets, services, products or rent.
  • Use of an automobile or any other personal property.
  • Gift items (i.e. electronics, holiday gifts, long distance phone cards, gift certificates).
  • Any financial aid other than that administered by the institution.
  • Free or reduced cost housing arrangements.
  • Payment of registration fees for athletic camps.
  • Promise of employment after college graduation.

Penalties resulting from violations of NCAA rules have a negative effect on the prospective or enrolled student-athlete and their family, Alfred State Athletics, and the College as a whole. Violations of NCAA rules have led to:

  • A prospective student-athlete being declared ineligible to compete.
  • The eligibility of current student-athletes being jeopardized.
  • Penalties and sanctions placed upon the institution’s team or entire athletic program.
  • An institution’s permanent disassociation with a representative of its athletic interest.

Financial Aid
Financial aid received by Alfred State student-athletes, is based on the financial need of each individual student and his or her family. In addition, most students receive some type of academic scholarship based on academic performance. In addition, stringent Division III rules concerning financial aid are applied, which requires the financial packaging of athletes be consistent with the established policy of the institution’s financial aid office for all students.