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2019-20 Alfred State Western Equestrian Roster

Cl. Hometown/High School
No.:   Alyssa Beardsley full bio Alyssa Beardsley Pos.: Open Cl.: Sr. Hometown/High School: Gainesville, NY / Letchworth
No.:   Leeanna Bianchi full bio Leeanna Bianchi Pos.: Level 2 Cl.: Jr. Hometown/High School: Hilton, NY / Hilton
No.:   Joseph Canna full bio Joseph Canna Pos.: Rookie B Cl.: Fr. Hometown/High School: Lockport, NY / Starpoint
No.:   Jennifer Cirigliano full bio Jennifer Cirigliano Pos.: Beginner Cl.: Jr. Hometown/High School: Patterson, NY / Brewster
No.:   Megan Delianne full bio Megan Delianne Pos.: Beginner Cl.: So. Hometown/High School: Lindenhurst, NY / West Islip
No.:   Jinean Erickson full bio Jinean Erickson Pos.: Beginner Cl.: So. Hometown/High School: Holden, MA / Wachusett Regional
No.:   Sydnee Ganoung full bio Sydnee Ganoung Pos.: Beginner Cl.: Fr. Hometown/High School: Allegany, NY / Allegany Limestone
No.:   Ashley Herbert full bio Ashley Herbert Pos.: Rookie A Cl.: Fr. Hometown/High School: Rochester, NY / Spencerport
No.:   Bree Kus full bio Bree Kus Pos.: Intermediate Cl.: Fr. Hometown/High School: Cuba, NY / Cuba Rushford
No.:   Brianna Lasecki full bio Brianna Lasecki Pos.: Beginner Cl.: Sr. Hometown/High School: Newark, NY / Newark
No.:   Morgan Maas full bio Morgan Maas Pos.: Rookie B Cl.: Jr. Hometown/High School: Churchville, NY / Churchville Chili
No.:   Paige Skinner full bio Paige Skinner Pos.: Level 1 Cl.: Fr. Hometown/High School: Savona, NY / Campbell Savona